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Our Vision:

The St. Mary's/Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics Foundations support a health care environment that is inviting, comfortable, and safe. They also support a work climate where employees are engaged in meaningful work that is characterized by teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation. Our foundations support a deep connection between St. Mary's and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and clinics and the communities they serve.

We Value:

1. Creative action

2. Compassionate service

3. Collaborative spirit

4. Continuous learning

5. Celebration of achievements

6. Commitment to helping people

Our Goals:

1. Pass on the virtue of giving

2. Promote Quality Health Care

3. Make caring an everyday event

4. Serve as connection for the community and the hospitals

5. Keep doing what works

Our Purpose

To promote St. Mary's/Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics as the communities' first stop health care provider and to create additional sources of income that will benefit both hospitals and clinics.

Want To Help?

Please call Ashley Steinbruecker at 208-476-8033 or e-mail her at for information concerning the CVHC Foundation and SMH Foundation.

The Foundation mailing addresses are as follows:

St. Mary's Hospital Foundation
PO Box 137
Cottonwood, ID 83522

Clearwater Valley Hospital Foundation
Attn: Ashley Steinbruecker
PO Box 2169
Orofino, ID 83544